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+ E M E R G E N CE +

The title of this first collection by Jennifer was inspired both by her intuitive painting style and the self titled painting, which 'emerged' somewhat magically on the day covid restrictions further relaxed and we were able to meet friends and family once again. 


This collection includes:

Small abstract landscapes: Letting go and finding form - these small treasures captures vast recognisable Irish landscapes and flora. 

Medium and large landscapes: Capturing the mountains and landscapes of Donegal - a county Jennifer and her family enjoy visiting and a place that has provided a refuge for summer breaks during covid restrictions of 2020 and 2021. 

Metallic embellishment: Inspired by her mothers love of glitter and gold - Jennifer is similarly drawn like a magpie to all that sparkles. Captured in these painting, are those memories of the magic of golden elements and light.

All of Jennifer's work is inspired by nature.

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